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There are as many opinions about music as there will be people reading this, but we’re all together when it comes to this question: “How did we get here?”. How did Lady Gaga dethrone Madonna? Why did Booba quit rap, to go and mumble into a vocoder? Sapritch’s mission is to bring Skyrock radio station listeners and TV and culture magazine Télérama subscribers together, in order to convey his vision of the evolution of the world of music from the 1930s to the present day: a history of contemporary music.


Accompanied by Roland, his keyboard and electronic assistant, Sapritch dissects the mechanics of success “à la française”, to help you reach your goal: become a popular singer. A humorous and intelligent analysis being that, more than just rabid criticism, “Populaire” is a sensitive interpretation of the French chanson world.


A new One Man Conference full of life experience and anecdotes about rap and its universe, signed by a 17 year old kid. At first sight he seemed to to be at complete odds with Hip Hop culture; 10 years later he was opening for iconic bands, and ended up setting up an independent label. Amidst surprises, passions, hopes and disappointments, he tells an uncompromising rap story, ultra-referenced and never without a sense of humour. A good opportunity to discover, to learn to appreciate this music, which for some can be diffcult to relate to; OR to share one’s love of rap with Sapritch, through classics and nuggets from his personal record collection.


From American cellars to London sewers, punk drags a sulphurous reputation behind him. Like the dogs that accompany him in the cartoons, he has no leash. He goes where he likes … First isolated, he will mix with other music and other social movements : for better and for worse.
How was punk born? Can we differentiate punk music from its “rebellious” spirit? Is punk anachronistic? Is punk “dead”? From Iggy Pop to Sleaford Mods, you’ll see how punk came to life and then transformed over social events, immersing yourself in the mood for a punk concert led by Sapritch and his One Man Band.
Creation supported by La Carène (Brest) – Residence in January 2020




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